Are Websites Still Relevant in 2021?

The average person in the United States spends 5.4 hours a day on their phone. Millennials spend marginally more time on their phones than previous generations (5.7 hours). The average person checks their phone 58 times a day!

In 2018, people spent 20% more time using Apps on their phones than they did surfing the web via browsers. These statistics show serious obstacles for 2021, and they raise the question of whether websites still exist, or whether Apps will rule the mobile world?

Websites stay relevant because :

  • The content of an App is not searched by Google. When you search on Google, you’ll see results for search words that Google has “read” on the content of websites rather than Apps.
  • Apps require the installation, authentication, and login of users, something not everybody is willing to do.
  • Users invest 77 percent of their time on Smartphones on industry leaders like Facebook and Instagram.


Related content attracts visitors, inspires them to take action, and turns them into happy customers who can become the best promoters.

Three major reasons why websites will be the primary source of information for years to come :


Words, symbols, sketches, images, and videos can all be used to share your story on a website, giving you full control of how it is told. These elements work together to create a platform that is uniquely yours in terms of appearance and functionality. Since your brand will only be one of many, no social media platform fully embraces this.


Websites allow you to keep track (with more in depth insights) of your visitors’ movements. What are the platforms from which users arrive? What are they looking for? What city do they call home? You will zero in on your marketing campaign and convert more for less with this analytical gold mine.


Every second, more than 80,000 Google searches are made. It’s not easy to rank highly on Google, particularly if your only tool is social media accounts. You’re giving yourself a fighting chance by including a website in the mix. Always bear in mind that having someone to visit your website is just the first step. You and your landing page have just seven seconds to persuade them to stay. Check to see if the message and call to action are up to date.

The lesson from this is that websites are still important in 2021 and will be for several years to come. A website allows you more control over your content and message than any other form of communication. While apps and social media may be appropriate for some demographics or price points, a small investment in your own website pays off right away.

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